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Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Brownies

So…If you’ve read my post on Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, you know how I feel about Chocolate Chips.  Especially Chocolate Chips and Baking.  I love incorporating them into cookies, cakes, and just about anything that you put in the oven.  … Continue reading

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Sugar-Frosted Apple Pie for National Pie Day

I was browsing one of my favorite food blogs the other day, looking for inspiration for quick weeknight meals.  I found some interesting recipes, but I also found another, more exciting piece of news: That Monday, January the 23rd was … Continue reading

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Easy Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

There are few breads in the world that I love more than Chocolate Chip Banana Bread.  I think it all started many Thanksgivings ago, when my Aunt brought three different loaves of bread for a Breakfast potluck.  There was a … Continue reading

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New Eats in Nashville

I haven’t always been a huge fan of Nashville, Tennessee.  My earliest trip there precludes my memory.  According to my mother, my family stopped there on the way back from Destin, Florida.  We stayed at the Grand ‘Ol Opry hotel, … Continue reading

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Blackberry Muffins for Sunday Mornings

Sunday mornings always bring back memories of France.  It’s hard to believe that nine months ago, I was living and working in Orléans, just an hour south of Paris. On most Sunday mornings, I would wake up and walk down … Continue reading

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