Thé Time: Big Heart Tea

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Welcome to this installment of Thé Time (Tea Time), where I feature some of the best teas I’ve tried lately.

I discovered Big Heart Tea earlier this year when I stopped by Lemon Gem, a cute little kitchen goods store in St. Louis’s Grove neighborhood. Big Heart is a local company but they’ve expanded their reach so now, they sell nationally.

I only know this because I’m obsessed with their Instagram and I saw that they made a trip to L.A. this year to roll out some of their products at Alfred Tea Room, a local tea joint that I want to try.

Big Heart is all over the place, though. They sell their tea everywhere from Champaign, IL, to Seattle. Sometimes I wonder if I would have discovered them in another place first because their stocklist is so long and I’m always on the move.

Still, I’m happy I found them at Lemon Gem. Big Heart has all different blends of single origin, loose leaf teas. One of my favorites is “Cup of Sunshine” with golden turmeric and ginger. It’s exactly what I need on a cold-ish winter morning when I underdressed for the weather and I show up to my office disgruntled and freezing.

Another one of my favorites is “Cup of Love.” It has real dried rose and tulsi. It’s very fragrant and calming. I was going to say that it’s like getting a hug from your grandmother but I don’t want to imply that the tea smells/tastes like mothballs.

ANYWAY. Wherever you are, it should be easy for you to get your hands on Big Heart Tea blends. If it’s not sold locally, check out their website for retail and wholesale options.

Here’s a song that I’m jamming out to this morning. It reminds me of my childhood even though I didn’t grow up in the 60s. I went through a stage where I was convinced that I was born in the wrong era so I guess this comes from that.

Enjoy your weekend! Join me back here on Sunday for “Dimanche (That Means Sunday)”. If you’re new to the series, check out the last edition here.

About Emily Wasserman

Bonjour! My name is Emily and I'm a writer based in St. Louis. I'm also a home baker with a small business, Amélie Bakery. I'm a self-proclaimed francophile and love French pastries and baking.
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