Crunchy Peanut Butter Toasts with Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 8.57.17 AM
These toasts combine two of my loves: Crunchy peanut butter and Bonne Maman preserves.

Crunchy peanut butter is superior to smooth peanut butter. You can find some of my reasoning for that argument here. It adds texture to plain toast. It reminds me of a conversation that I had about boba in high school. One of my best friends would always get boba in his bubble tea. When I asked him why, he said, “it’s something to chew on while you drink.” It sounds disgusting, but it’s actually a valid argument. I’m not a baby, so I don’t want to consume anything resembling baby food. It’s nice to have a mixture of tastes and textures in food.

Anyway. Bonne Maman preserves are superior to most other jams or jellies. It’s a French brand that’s easily spotted at the grocery store by its red and white-topped lid. There are different varieties but one of my favorites is the strawberry. You can tell that it’s real fruit, not a suspicious faux fruit/purée/corn syrup mixture.

I topped this toast with some hemp seeds, because why not. One slice would have been enough, but I ate the second one because I know how hungry I get at 9 a.m.

Another word to the wise about this toast/toast in general: Pick very good bread. I’ve said it once, but I’ll say it again. It makes a BIG difference. I like to buy bread fresh (the best bread that I can find) and put the loaf in a sealed plastic bag in the freezer. Then, I can take out a couple slices and heat it up in the oven at 350 degrees F. It tastes almost as good as when I bought it, and A LOT better than bread that’s on its way out.

In semi-related news, here’s a song that I’ve been jamming out to this morning. I will always love Drake. He speaks to the part of me that’s always pining over someone and probably needs to dry my eyes, but won’t.

About Emily Wasserman

Bonjour! My name is Emily and I'm a writer based in St. Louis. I'm also a home baker with a small business, Amélie Bakery. I'm a self-proclaimed francophile and love French pastries and baking.
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2 Responses to Crunchy Peanut Butter Toasts with Bonne Maman Strawberry Preserves

  1. chefkreso says:

    Love peanut butter on a toast 😍

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