Asian Melon Mango Coconut Smoothie Bowl

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I was at a breakfast crossroads this morning. I had an Asian melon that I bought at Eastern Market on Sunday, some bananas, and berries and chia seeds for an overnight oatmeal that I forgot to make last night. So I decided to improvise and ended up making this bowl.

This is my most delicious smoothie bowl to date. The Asian melon, banana, mango and coconut yogurt give the bowl a tropical flavor. The berries add some sweetness and the chia seeds and toasted coconut add texture. On a day like today, when it’s supposed to be at least 90 degrees F in D.C., I’m thankful for the refreshment.

If you’re vegan, feel free to swap in some dairy-free yogurt. Otherwise, I’d definitely recommend going with the Siggi’s coconut yogurt that I used. It makes the smoothie thick and creamy and creates a base for everything you put on top.

Here’s a song to jam out to while you make this bowl.

Asian Melon Mango Coconut Smoothie Bowl (from me, to you)


half a banana, frozen
1/2 cup frozen mango
1 Asian melon, seeds removed and flesh scooped out
1 Siggi’s coconut yogurt
1 cup almond milk
raspberries, fresh banana slices, blackberries, chia seeds, toasted coconut flakes for topping


Blend the banana, Asian melon, mango, coconut yogurt and almond milk in a blender on high until smooth. Pour into a bowl and smooth a little with the back of a spoon. Top with raspberries, fresh banana slices, blackberries, chia seeds and toasted coconut flakes. Enjoy!

About Emily Wasserman

Bonjour! My name is Emily and I'm a writer based in St. Louis. I'm also a home baker with a small business, Amélie Bakery. I'm a self-proclaimed francophile and love French pastries and baking.
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